100% Original PENN SPINFISHER V Spinning Reel Full Metal Body Spinning Reels for Sea Fishing 6 Bearings Water Tight Fishing Reel


3000 Series4000 Series6000 Series8000 Series
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  • Frame, sideplate, rotor, spool and handle arm are all made from Aluminum, machined to exacting tolerances and anodized for corrosion resistance, keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads.

  • The Water Tight Design utilizes seals in key locations on the reel to prevent saltwater from contacting internal components.

  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel anti-reverse bearing provides instant infinite anti-reverse, eliminating handle “kick back” for rock solid hook sets and improved smoothness.

  • The Superline Spool is designed to prevent superline from turning around the arbor of the spool without the use of tape or backing.
SSV 3500 5+1 6.2:1 30” / 76cm 250YD/6LB 215YD/15LB 14.40OZ / 408G 20LB / 9.0KG
SSV 4500 5+1 6.2:1 34” / 86cm 250YD/10LB 280YD/20LB 15.40OZ / 436G 25LB / 11.30KG
SSV 5500 5+1 5.6:1 35” / 89cm 270YD/12LB 320YD/30LB 21.60OZ / 612G 30LB / 13.60KG
SSV 6500 5+1 5.6:1 39” / 99cm 300YD/15LB 340YD/40LB 22.30OZ / 632G 30LB / 13.60KG
SSV 7500 5+1 4.7:1 36” / 91cm 300YD/20LB 360YD/50LB 28.70OZ / 813G 35LB / 15.80KG
SSV 8500 5+1 4.7:1 42” / 107cm 300YD/30LB 540YD/50LB 31.60OZ / 895G 35LB / 15.80KG
SSV 9500 5+1 4.2:1 39” / 99cm 300YD/40LB 540YD/65LB 41.90OZ / 1187G 40LB / 18.10KG
SSV 10500 5+1 4.2:1 42” / 107cm 350YD/40LB 670YD/65LB 43.50OZ / 1233G 40LB / 18.10KG

Please note:

If you choose 3000 Model, you will receive SSV 3500.

If you choose 4000 Model, you will receive SSV 4500.

If you choose 5000 Model, you will receive SSV 5500.

If you choose 6000 Model, you will receive SSV 6500.

If you choose 7000 Model, you will receive SSV 7500.

If you choose 8000 Model, you will receive SSV 8500.

If you choose 9000 Model, you will receive SSV 9500.

If you choose 10000 Model, you will receive SSV 10500.

About Penn: Let the Battle Begin

Founded in 1932, Penn has stood at the forefront of reel design and innovation for decades. Passion and knowledge are what set Penn apart, and the company’s love for fishing has made it the first choice for generations of saltwater anglers. From reels to rods and beyond, Penn creates products that endure a lifetime of use and offer best-in-class performance. So, whether you’re a novice angler or eyeing a world-record catch, there’s a Penn product to help you perform flawlessly and emerge triumphant.

Question: ? Answer: This is made in China.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 27 × 21 cm
Baits Type

Fake Bait


Ocean Rock Fshing,River,Reservoir Pond,Ocean Beach Fishing,Lake,Ocean Boat Fishing

Fishing Method


Fishing Reels Type

Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel

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